Data Community Austria Meeting September

In unserem nächsten Data Community Austria Meeting am Mittwoch, den 21. September 2022 ab 16:00 Uhr haben wir wieder 2 spannende Sessions vorbereitet:

  • Azure Data Factory ♡ Bicep
  • Building your lakehouse on Synapse

Azure Data Factory ♡ Bicep

Azure Data Factory Bicep Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a mighty tool when it comes to creating data loading workflows and orchestrations. However, creating ADF loading logic takes a lot of clicking and even though it is thoroughly integrated with Git, the code representation of ADF resources is hardly ever used. Bicep is a mighty tool when it comes to creating Azure Resources from Code and its capabilities go beyond just creating infrastructure resources. What if both came together and we were able to create ADF Linked Services, Datasets and Pipelines from a Bicep template? It would be a match made in heaven. But why wait for dreams to come true?

In this session we will introduce you to the basic concepts of ADF and Bicep and then show you how you can create ADF from Code by writing Bicep files and deploy them to your Azure subscription with one click.

presented by Benjamin Kettner, MVP and CTO @ ML!PA Consulting & Alpa Buddhabhatti, MCT and Consultant @ Cluster Reply UK

Building your lakehouse on Synapse

No, not that kind of lakehouse… The data lakehouse architecture launched launched by Databricks a few years ago has become a viable solution for modern data platforms, increasingly so with the string of new features released from Databricks lately. But the data lakehouse concept can also be fully implemented using Azure Synapse.

So join me in this session to understand what the data lakehouse is, and how to make one using Databricks and Synapse!

presented by Johan Ludvig Brattås, MVP, Principal solution architect @ Capgemini

Kostenfreie Anmeldung zum Live Webcast:

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Technology Specialist for Data Platform and Business Intelligence @ Microsoft Austria

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