Data Community Austria Meeting August

Nach einer kurzen Sommerpause starten wir in unser nächstes Data Community Austria Meeting. Am Mittwoch, den 18. August 2021 ab 16 Uhr gibt es, sommerlich passend, zwei heiße Power BI Themen präsentiert von zwei Top Vortragenden:

Calculation Groups – Your universal tool?

Calculation groups have been celebrated as an important step to close gaps between Analysis Services Tabular and the good old Multidimensional. And probably nobody will contradict this statement.

But… Does this mean calculation groups are a good choice in every situation? Do they solve all your potential issues? Or do you need to be aware of downsides or limitations and make a well-founded choice?

This question is especially interesting for Power BI developers, as you are not only in the need to create the models, but you also need to be aware of visualization requirements that might lead to very specific issues.

Let’s have a look at some scenarios and evaluate the aptitude of Calculation groups as a solution approach …

presented by Gabi Münster, Data Platform MVP, BI Consultant @ oh22data AG

Keeping Up With Your Power BI Tenant Administration

For many organisations, Power BI is becoming absolute key in their Information Delivery stream. As an important cog in the chain, it’s the responsibility for that organisation to keep the cog well oiled.

Power BI Tenant Admins need to make sure they’re on top of their game, to keep all parties involved on their good side. During this talk, we’ll go through some of the key activities to optimise this process, based on my war stories as a consultant.

Security, Auditing, Monitoring and Alerting are the cornerstone of this process, which doesn’t have to be hard. Walking out, you’ll have some practical tips to take home with you.

presented by Benni De Jagere, Data Platform MVP, Enterprise Data Architect @ Realdolmen

Kostenfreie Anmeldung zum Live Webcast:

Veröffentlicht von mpoeckl

Technology Specialist for Data Platform and Business Intelligence @ Microsoft Austria

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