SQLSaturday Vienna 2021 Schedule

Schedule and How to Connect

We will use Microsoft TEAMS – each track will have it’s own dedicated daylong meeting:

Room 1 – Administration https://aka.ms/SQLSatVienna-Room1-Admin
Room 2 – App & DB Dev https://aka.ms/SQLSatVienna-Room2-AppDbDev
Room 3 – Cloud, AI, ML 1 https://aka.ms/SQLSatVienna-Room3-CloudAi1
Room 4 – Cloud, AI, ML 2 https://aka.ms/SQLSatVienna-Room4-CloudAi2
Room 5 – Power BI & Power Platform 1 https://aka.ms/SQLSatVienna-Room5-PowerBI1
Room 6 – Power BI & Power Platform 2 https://aka.ms/SQLSatVienna-Room6-PowerBI2

In between – let’s meet in the Lobby https://aka.ms/SQLSatVienna-Lobby

Interactive page: https://www.sqlsaturday.com/1015/Sessions/Schedule

Sponsors & Raffle

We (PASS Austria / DataCommunityAT) are organizing this event, but we could not do it without the generous help of our sponsors: Today, we would like to mention two of our sponsors dbWatch and Quest. You can register for their raffles using the link below. 

THANK YOU to dbWatch! 
You can win a $100 Amazon Gift Card in their raffle: 
FREEBIE: dbWatch Control Center licenses – 5 instances valid for 6 months

The virtual booth of dbWatch is open the whole conference day: https://aka.ms/SQLSatVienna-Booth

THANK YOU to Quest!

Register for the raffle here:  https://www.quest.com/de-de/register/127546/ 
The price: Sonos Move Smart Speaker  

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