Future of PASS Austria

Important Information on the future of PASS Austria due to the insolvency of the PASS headquarter organization.

You might have read the sad news from the PASS umbrella organisation that it will need to cease all operations due to insolvency, mainly caused by registration shortfall from PASS Virtual Summit.
As a local user group, we are financially and legally independent from the PASS headquarters and will therefore continue our operations and our engagement to the community. Our local community meetings will continue as usual next year and our SQLSaturday (virtual) conference will take place on January 15th 2021 as well as the the Power Platform Bootcamp on Feburary, 19th (see registration links below)

As we make use of some PASS tooling for member administration, homepage and mailing we need to switch to different platforms for that purpose beginning of next year. We might ask you to re-register for the community as it seems that we cannot move member information out of the current platform due to data privacy (GDPR) – please stay tuned for further advise on that. In the meanwhile please use the following channels to stay in touch with us:

If you are not yet registered for the virtual SQLSaturday Vienna conference on January 15th 2021 please hurry up and do so as the platform might go down at any time:
SQLSaturday #1015 – Vienna 2021

Our virtual Power Platform Bootcamp is planned for February 19th 2021:
Virtual Power Platform Bootcamp Austria 2021 Tickets, Fr, 19.02.2021 um 09:00 Uhr

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