Index tuning for the developer & Build your own partitioning using partitioned views @ Community Meeting 12. Februar

Am Mittwoch, 12 Februar 2020 findet unser nächstes monatliches Community Meeting ab 17:30 in Wien statt. Unsere Themen sind diesmal:

Index tuning for the developer

In this session, we will be showing you how to get the best performance out of your application by using a good indexing strategy. We will be looking at the differences between clustered/non-clustered indexes, and touch on the different kinds of indexes like Columnstore and options you have (filtered, fill factor,…). Next to this, we will show you some common best practices to make sure you are able to use your index, and how to reduce the overhead of your indexes. After this session you will be able to evaluate your current indexing strategies and have a view on what your options are to improve your performance.

presented by Stijn Wynants, Premier Field Engineer @ Microsoft


Build your own partitioning using partitioned views

Partitioning can be quite a life changing experience – in a good but also a bad way. It has incredible advantages but is also quite limiting (and can cause headage…). During the presentation, I will use examples both in theory and demo to showcase the possibilities and limitations of partitioning while simultaneously using partitioned views to solve identical problems and more! What if you would like to have your hot data in-memory and your cold data in a clustered columnstore index? Even if both partitioning and partitioned views are not your hot topics, I also cover topics like CHECK constraints, updateable views, and a lot more…

presented by Fabian Schenker, Senior Premier Field Engineer @ Microsoft

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Technology Specialist for Data Platform and Business Intelligence @ Microsoft Austria

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