SQL Community Meeting MAI – feat. Alberto Ferrari

Bei unserem kommenden Meeting (Donnerstag, 04. Mai 2017 ab 17:30 bei Microsoft Österreich/Wien) haben wir einen besonderen Gast aus Italien: Alberto Ferrari – ausgewiesener SSAS-Guru und Power BI Experte.

Budgeting with Power BI, for power BI users and SSAS users
Budgeting is one of the most challenging scenarios in the Power BI arena. For example, you might need to summarize sales in previous years and to allocate the budget forecasts. You have to work with data at different granularities and to find a way to author DAX code to compute the forecasts at the desired granularity.
When it comes to budgeting, each company is a unique scenario. In this session, you will see some common techniques to use when building a budget model with Power BI, including previous year allocation, multiple-step budgeting with linked back tables, handling of budget on products that do not yet exist.
Vortrag in Englisch
presented by Alberto Ferrari, Founder & Business Intelligence consultant @ sqlbi

Database DevOps mit Visual Studio 2017
DevOps has gained a lot of attention in recent years, but it has yet to touch database development to any great extent. Database DevOps is far from the mainstream. That could change in the SQL Server world, as new tools bring more database development and deployment capabilities to Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Edition. Visual Studio 2017 integrates Redgate Data Tools in the installer, giving users the opportunity to introduce DevOps practices for the database alongside the application.
DevOps is going mainstream, and the database is being seen as a natural part of DevOps rather than a blocker to the process.
presented by Gerwald Oberleitner, Solution Specialist Developer Tools @ Microsoft Österreich

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Veröffentlicht von mpoeckl

Technology Specialist for Data Platform and Business Intelligence @ Microsoft Austria

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