App&DB Development Lessons learned, Advanced Analytics with R in SQL & DevOps 101 @ SQL Community Meeting im Oktober

Die Sommerpause ist vorbei! Am Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016 findet unser nächstes monatliches SQL Community Meeting ab 17:30 erstmalig bei Dynatrace in LINZ statt. Mit drei Top Vorträgen zu App & Database Development sowie zu Advanced Analytics mit R und SQL 2016 und zu DevOps in der SQL Entwicklung und Betrieb:

Lessons learned aus der Entwicklung oder wie wir lesen und schreiben lernten

Von 2 auf 10000+.  Was es mit diesen Zahlen und Fragen wie „Wieviel Last verträgt die Datenbank noch“ oder „Warum ist das Charting so langsam“ auf sich hat möchte ich in einem Talk über die Evolution des Dynatrace AppMon Performance Warehouse näherbringen. Dabei möchte ich anhand von einigen Real World Use Cases technische Probleme erläutern die sich uns im Laufe des Betriebs und der Entwicklung des Performance Warehouses ergeben haben. Dieser Vortrag zeigt wie wir uns aus Entwicklersicht an die Grenzen des SQL Servers angenähert haben und warum manchmal auch mehr CPU und RAM nicht geholfen hat.

presented by Stefan Gusenbauer, Senior Team Lead Development @ Dynatrace

Advanced Analytics with R in SQL 2016

With the addition of R into SQL Server 2016, Microsoft have provided a few extra degrees of freedom for the standard SQL developer. You can now use the R language to wrangle, clean and collect external data, using libraries and functionality that simply wasn’t available to you before with regular T-SQL. Performing data enrichment at scale with SQL Server or even Microsoft R Server can provide extremely valuable new insights for your clients and start reaping the benefits of big data.
In this session, Consolidata’s Gordon Meyer shows you how to develop your own application for tapping into ‘dark data’. Gordon will demonstrate how to stream live tweets, perform aggregations in R and pipe the output to a Power BI dashboard, giving you a full end-to-end experience of the importance of learning some basic R code in 2016.
This session is for anyone who is new to R and is interesting expanding their skill set beyond their comfort zone in SQL Server.

presented by Gordon Meyer, Head of Innovation & Director @ Consolidata

DevOps 101 for SQL Server developers and DBAs – how your jobs will change

In 2009 John Allspaw and Paul Hammond delivered a session called “10 deploys per day – Dev & ops cooperation at Flickr.” In forty six minutes they changed the way millions of people would think about the software delivery process for years to come. It didn’t have a name yet, but DevOps was born.

At about the same time ThoughtWorks were making noise about Continuous Delivery and soon afterwards Microsoft started pushing ALM. All the while cloud platforms like Azure began chipping away at the number of businesses that maintain their own servers and databases.
In 2013 Kenny Gorman declared “The Database Administrator is Dead”.
For the record, I don’t believe that, but a lot of people do. What is certain is that the world of IT is changing, and the traditional DBA role is changing with it.
I’m going to explain what DevOps is and its implications for DBAs. I’m going to discuss some changes DBAs need to make. I’m not going to discuss what will happen if they can’t keep up.

presented by Alex Yates, Company director and principal consultant @ DLM Consultants


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Technology Specialist for Data Platform and Business Intelligence @ Microsoft Austria

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